– The HQ is where you can issue orders to the base and receive crucial intel. I'll help you figure it all out.
Base Chief


In the central section, there is a globe you can use to move to various points on the planet.

Traversing the planet

  • Base Sector

    You home, your fortress.
  • Terror

    Fight back squads of various enemy factions.
  • MIssion

    Missions that take you through the game's storyline.
  • Rubicon

    The enemy has retreated, but left a rear guard squad. A hard battle, a hefty reward!
  • Bonus mission

    Missions that reward you with additional resources and technologies.
  • The Citadel

    The last bastion of survivors… who pay well for helping defend it.
  • Co-op raid

    Attack enemy bases together with friends.
  • Crawler hunt

    Get rare armor from crusted creatures!
  • Revenge

    Pay back for the recent sacking of your base!
  • Tournament

    Compete with other players to earn exclusive rewards.
  • Skirmish

    Daily battles against other players.
  • Mines

    The source of the resources required for development.
  • Sabotage

    A timed battle: win before the timer expires!
  • Cache

    Send your partner to search for hidden treasures!
  • Enemy Base

    Raid the enemy base and capture resources!
  • Dominion scouts

    Bring down enemy ships and get Dominion technologies!