...The awakening was harsh, as though someone had turned the lights on. The narcosis effects dissipated in an instant, and perfect clarify seized his consciousness. Blake realized that the process was complete. There was no pain. His body was filled with strength, and his senses were heightened to an astonishing degree. Without waiting for the timer to go off, he simply reached out and tapped the chamber door. The metal crumpled beneath his fingers like wet clay, and the thin glass cracked plaintively. Blake shook off the sensors and carefully stood up.

A flawless service record. Awards for participation in local conflicts on every continent on Earth. His career had been off to an excellent start, and he had a brilliant future ahead of him. And then, in the prime of his life, he was suddenly discharged. In reality, Blake's activity never changed—he was just transferred to a top-secret division known only to a few people on Earth...

An excellent career and a brilliant future ahead, and then, out of nowhere, a discharge.

The squad that Blake joined was led by General Kurbatov. It was designed to deal with the most complex, nonstandard tasks. One of their missions took them to Utopia. Blake and his comrades were supposed to foil the plans of the inventor Cruise and the criminal magnate Gold, who, under the guise of building the miraculous Green City, were developing a weapon meant for conquering the Earth.

The operation was going according to plan, but they failed to account for every eventuality. Dominion, the AI created to control Green City, suddenly reduced it to ruins along with half of Utopia. The climate changed drastically. Never-before-seen carnivorous creatures appeared, and Dominion sent its combat robots to attack the surviving army.

However, Kurbatov's soldiers were considered an elite military force for a reason. The squad rose from the ashes just like a phoenix and became the Black Legion, the most powerful human coalition on Utopia. But not even their skill and valor were enough to stop what was happening, so they decided to launch the A.R.E.S. research project. All of the Legion's scientific achievements and technology were funneled into creating a supersoldier with phenomenal capabilities.

Blake volunteered, but when he emerged from the transformation chamber on a remote top-secret base, the Black Legion no longer existed. Their headquarters had been destroyed, their commanders had been killed, and General Kurbatov had vanished...

It was decided to launch the A.R.E.S. research project.

What should a man who justly considers himself to be the best of the best do in such a situation? Naturally, Blake decided to take power into his own hands...