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Recent news

  • Collectors' Ship Update
    It’s time for the long-awaited update! The story of brave Captain Blake continues! Also, meet new technologies, locations, weapons and even changes to the usual battle mechanics!
  • New update: The Black Market
    Tireless Blake, smuggler market, cooperative raids, changes in production, a new face at the base and much more - meet our most recent update!
  • Wormhole Update
    We are happy to present you with the Wormhole Update! In this update: the story continues, updates to base defense mode and Tournaments are introduced, weapons evolution is redesigned, and much more!
  • Chimera Update
    The PvP tournament sector, weapons that infect your enemies with giant wasp larvae, an additional mission in the underground lair of the Xi - all this and much more in our newest update!
  • Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia is avaliable now!
    The global release of the mobile game Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia from the IT Territory studiotook place today.