Recent news

  • The Clan Wars Update
    Captains, a new event is available in the game update – the Clan Wars!
  • The Blake’s Talents Update
    You can’t stop the evolution!  Only the strongest and most adapted will pass selection. Blake is getting unique talents to help in the fight for survival on Utopia. In addition, the Blake’s Talents patch will bring the special King of the Hill event, another bonus mission, the partner Margaret and much more.
  • The Digital Crisis Update
    Utopia is on the brink of a new crisis! This time it is a Digital Crisis. In this patch, you’ll have battles at the Synth Factory, a Dominion Assault Rifle, improvements to the Altar of Xi and lots of other additions.
  • The Rank X Update
    The evolution of warfare continues! The Rank X patch provides breathtaking opportunities for evolving and leveling: Rank X and X+ for equipment, Level 100 for Blake, and 18 new technologies.
  • The Great Slaughter update
    A recurring PvP event with a new frag weapon from the Avalanche set as a prize, a bonus mission with crusted Xi adepts, changes in the Citadel battles and Skirmishes, and other improvements in the first spring patch — the Great Slaughter.
  • The Great Siege Update
    A multi-day event in the Citadel, the Matryoshka partner, nine battle bonuses, new metaprojects and other new features - welcome to the Great Siege Patch!
  • The Skirmish Update
    A new patch has landed, captains! It brings you daily duel sector, updated battles in the Citadel, new Dominion scouts, a synth ally and many other improvements.
  • Update: The Hunt
    The hunting season for Crusted Crawlers is open, the Dominion is preparing a retaliation and synths are keeping watch over your base. Meet our latest update: The Hunt!
  • Meet the Clans Update!
    It’s here! In this new version, you can team up into clans! You can also expect fighting against the Dominion scouts, fifteen new chips, a new type of modifications for helicopters and other improvements.
  • The Chips Update
    A new system for upgrading equipment and companions, Sabotage, new metaprojects and Blake’s abilities, along with other new additions and improvements — all in the new Chips patch.