Recent news

  • The Digital Crisis Update
    Utopia is on the brink of a new crisis! This time it is a Digital Crisis. In this patch, you’ll have battles at the Synth Factory, a Dominion Assault Rifle, improvements to the Altar of Xi and lots of other additions.
  • The Rank X Update
    The evolution of warfare continues! The Rank X patch provides breathtaking opportunities for evolving and leveling: Rank X and X+ for equipment, Level 100 for Blake, and 18 new technologies.
  • The Great Slaughter update
    A recurring PvP event with a new frag weapon from the Avalanche set as a prize, a bonus mission with crusted Xi adepts, changes in the Citadel battles and Skirmishes, and other improvements in the first spring patch — the Great Slaughter.
  • The Great Siege Update
    A multi-day event in the Citadel, the Matryoshka partner, nine battle bonuses, new metaprojects and other new features - welcome to the Great Siege Patch!
  • The Skirmish Update
    A new patch has landed, captains! It brings you daily duel sector, updated battles in the Citadel, new Dominion scouts, a synth ally and many other improvements.
  • Update: The Hunt
    The hunting season for Crusted Crawlers is open, the Dominion is preparing a retaliation and synths are keeping watch over your base. Meet our latest update: The Hunt!
  • Meet the Clans Update!
    It’s here! In this new version, you can team up into clans! You can also expect fighting against the Dominion scouts, fifteen new chips, a new type of modifications for helicopters and other improvements.
  • The Chips Update
    A new system for upgrading equipment and companions, Sabotage, new metaprojects and Blake’s abilities, along with other new additions and improvements — all in the new Chips patch.
  • Evolving Futuris Update
    Communication with the Futuris superintelligence, new meta projects and mechanics for getting bonuses in battles — welcome to the Evolving Futuris patch.
  • Dominion Gate Update
    Now Blake has enough strength to challenge the Dominion and its dominators. The captain invades the artificial intelligence's domain! This new patch brings you new enemies, a powerful acid weapon and new zones: Utopia's landscape transformed by the rogue AI according to its tastes.