Update: The Hunt

2020-07-23 18:37:00 o.trunova

The hunting season for Crusted Crawlers is open, the Dominion is preparing a retaliation and synths are keeping watch over your base. Meet our latest update: The Hunt!

Technological progress continues even in the Citadel, besieged by Xi creatures. Its people have developed a new type of armor that utilizes Crusted Crawlers’ carapace shells. Now only the raw materials are required — Markus the raider has been tasked with obtaining the shells. If he is already among your allies and you have completed the Zorin’s Fortress mission, then you can find out all the details from him. After that, you’ll be able to hunt Crusted Crawlers every day. Achieve success in the hunt to get new rank S+ armor.

In the meantime, the Dominion is mobilizing its forces and preparing for revenge. Its goal is to take back the sectors conquered by Blake. You will get notifications to tell where it is concentrating forces and how much time is left until the strike. When the timer runs out, defense missions will be available in this sector. The reward for completing them is a new Dominion Box.

Synths are ready to help defend your base! Blueprints for the creation of four synth squad types can now be found in Dominion Boxes. Any enemy will think twice before messing with these defenders!

In addition, a new type of chips has appeared that can only be used to upgrade the Base Defense units. These chips might, for example, make your squads tougher or allow them to deal damage upon death.

And of course, that’s not all. We’re introducing improvements for clan interactions, production and the interface. We’ve also made changes to the stats of some enemies and weapons, and now, using Execution, you can get more rewards.

The situation on Utopia is heating up! Deploy to battle positions, captains!