The Clan Wars Update

2021-08-16 12:08:00 v.bredikhin
Captains, a new event is available in the game update – the Clan Wars! 
This event is planned to happen twice a week, and each time it will consist of two phases – preparation and attack.

Preparation phase. It takes place between the Clan Wars.
A clan will automatically participate in this event if the clan leader is online on any day during the preparation phase, and the clan has at least 12 members (including the leader). During this phase, all clan members can check the defense settings of the clan sectors, and the leader and co-leaders can adjust them if needed. Combine the best of your clanmates’ squads into an impenetrable defense, and you’ll win!

Bonus damage type and faction bonus for the forts (that increases health and damage of the corresponding units) are also determined during this phase.

Attack phase. It lasts 24 hours.
During this phase, clan sectors on the globe become enemy clan sectors, and you will have to fight through clan defense lines and defeat the other clan’s boss, while earning points that will determine the winning clan. The end boss is the Maximus itself, but before fighting this massive war machine, you will have to destroy all defensive forts of the enemy clan.

The clan that wins in the main event gets the reward: Psi Spheres. They are required for getting weapons from the new Psi set.
Attention! Full Clan War rules will be available in the game itself. To view them, you will need to select any clan base sector and press the “i” button.

Top clans!
With the release of the update, a new rating will be added - Top clans! It will be formed based on the success of the clan in various clan events.

A clan rating can be obtained for the following:
  • For attacks and for defeating the Altar of Xi
  • For victories in battles in PvE events with clan tournaments (The Great Siege, The Digital Crisis, King of the Hill)
  • For the results of battles in The Great Slaughter
  • For the destruction of forts and for boss attacks in Clan Wars, beside that, additional points will be awarded for winning this event
  • For attacks on the bases of other players who are in clans
Top clans will be reset every month along with the season change. With the start of the new season, the clans that were in the top in this rating will receive a reward through the in-game mail, depending on their place.

Psi Weapons!
Captains, in the update you will have the opportunity to obtain two items from the new weapon set: the Psi assault rifle and the Psi machine Gun.
As you might guess from the name, both of them will have a psionic damage type. Additionally, both of them will have the same special ability: Psi Magnetism
Assault rifle's and machine gun's bullets adjust their trajectory to hit the target. Enemies killed by these bullets restore Blake's health. The amount of restored health depends on the Vampirism ability's level.
  • Once you have accumulated enough parts to assemble, you can get an A+ rank assault rifle and machine gun.
  • Set bonus increases your Vampirism ability by 30%

Dominion Scout DL-S20000
Captains, battles against the synths in a new location await you in the upcoming update! 

The scouts that you encounter now in the game are the Supersmall, Small and Medium ones. The battles against the new, Big one, will be harder – but the reward will be worth it since you will get a bigger number of Dominion Boxes with valuable rewards.