The Rank X Update

2021-04-07 17:36:00 v.bredikhin
The evolution of warfare continues! The Rank X patch provides breathtaking opportunities for evolving and leveling: Rank X and X+ for equipment, Level 100 for Blake, and 18 new technologies.

Competition comes to new heights on burning Utopia! Another arms and technology race is imminent, and opportunities abound. Weapons, armor, and heroes can now evolve to Rank X/X+, which allows them to reach level 120 and unlocks an additional chip slot. The maximum level for Blake himself is now 100, and 150 for his abilities. On that note, new tasks in the Warmaster quest line will help enhance the captain’s Intellect.

Scientific progress advances as well! The highest level has been raised to 26. Reach it by developing 18 new technologies. They unlock access to a new helicopter and production of G-4 grenades of various damage types. They also let you increase the depth of your resource mining and level up your base’s defensive units even higher.

The work of the enemy will also come in handy! Now you can strengthen your air defense system using new Dominion modifications looted in battle with Dominion Scouts.

These are just some of the patch’s cool new features. There are now alternate skins for non-baseline weapons, and these skins give a damage bonus. A new chip and one more Dominion unit help fortify your base’s defenses, and the reward chain for Hunting Crawlers is now longer, so you can collect enough fragments to evolve Crusted Armor to Rank X+.

It’s time to attain new heights of technological superiority, captains!