Blake's former comrades in arms, they are obedient
soldiers led by experienced commanders. Total war
is their native element.


Unlike other enemies, the soldiers of the Legion carefully coordinate their actions.


Invisibility, regeneration, and jetpacks are just a few of the technologies in their arsenal.


They're the only ones with real vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, and self-propelled heavy turrets.
A former marauder turned soldier. After a surgical psycho-correction, he unquestionably executes any orders. Such troopers are the expendable material of the Black Legion, thown ruthlessly into the thick of it.
A tough volunteer who receieved spec ops training. His brain’s centers of fear and pain are blocked, and aggressiveness is increased by hormone injections. Such troopers usually spearhead the assault.
A former Red Face sniper who never misses, she was augmented and made join the Stealth Squad. The light-absorbing camouflage cloak helps her to take a position unnoticed.
A jet trooper of the Tornado Squad. He's full of stimulants, dons reinforced armor and uses a jetpack to move around.
Supporting combat units, a medic is a guardian angel for the Black Legion’s soldiers. She uses a backpack-mounted emitter to activate the regenerative emulsion in the soldiers’ blood, healing their wounds right on the battlefield.
A heavily armed Infantryman. His shield can withstand a tank shell hit, and his grenade launcher is loaded with incendiary charges. In battle, he breaks through enemy defense and covers the approach of the main units.
A Stealth Squad fighter. No movement can escape her implanted optical sensors, and her energy blade cuts even through the tank armor.
An armored turret designed for protecting Black Legion assets from marauder gangs. It opens rapid machine gun fire on all unwelcome guests who dare to sneak into the defended sector.
A rocket turret, which is part of the Legion bases’ automatic defense system. Designed to destroy the marauders’ armored combat units - drones and Shield Bearers.
The main combat vehicle of the Legion. Used for massive offensives and for the protection of critical objects. Multi-barreled machine guns and a heavy cannon provide its firepower.
A senior officer of the Legion. In battle, he calls for reinforcement of elite storm troopers.
The most powerful weapon of the Legion, designed to protect strategic objects from the Dominion’s attacks. The project is so complex that only a few working mechanisms have ever been created.
The Engineer is responsible for the most sophisticated technology of the Renegades. He is armed with a machine gun and missiles, and the drones cover him from the air.
An armored helicopter designed to support the assault units of the Legion. Suppresses ground targets with missiles and machine gun fire.


The core of the Legion was originally made up of soldiers from spec ops divisions who were sent on Utopia with a secret mission. When the planetary disaster broke out, they refused to join the Marauders, instead becoming a truly combat-capable army.

They were tempered in endless battles against the robots of the Dominion, a renegade AI that is trying to destroy the human race. The war for humanity's very survival forced the Legionnaires to forget about pity for its individual members. In order to stand against the enemy, the Legion constantly cultivated its power, stopping at nothing.

Its roster swelled with captive Crimson Marauders who were transformed into obedient, fearless soldiers after a medical procedure. Production continued without end at their bases, and scientific experiments were conducted constantly in their laboratories. Thanks to this, the Black Legion now possesses heavy armored vehicles, helicopters, state-of-the-art weapons, both invisibility and regeneration technologies.

However, the Legionnaires eventually encountered an enemy they couldn't handle. The Legion's headquarters was conquered and its commander General Kurbatov was killed. Colonel Morales, also known as the Gorgon, was supposed to replace him. However, at that moment she was overseeing Captain Blake's transformation at a top secret base. As a result, other commanders appeared in the Legion who refuse to share their authority. Morales and Blake now consider them traitors and renegades. There will be no peace between them.