The Red Faces make up for the weakness of their technology with cruelty and speed, always trying to avoid a fair fight. These thugs never take their masks off. Underestimating them would be a deadly mistake.


They have a weapon for every job: blades, machine guns, improvised robots, and even boomers.


The Marauders were used to attacking without considering defense, so most of their fighters do not wear armor.
He has marked his way with many successful raids and enemy graves. Marauders believe that a chieftain who survived so many fights will bring them good luck. And just the mere sight of him boosts their fighting spirit.
A suicide attack drone assembled from scrap materials. A little awkward in flight, but cheap and easy to manufacture. Explodes next to the enemy, firing machine guns as it closes in.
The Destroyer presses forward like a tank, not feeling any pain from his wounds, and carries nearly infinite amounts of ammo.
A Red Face who survived a few raids is considered a hardened fighter by his cronies. He is no longer that keen to get into close combat, and instead showers the enemy with grenades at a distance.
An ordinary marauder, a desert jackal. The lack of armor and tactical skills makes him cannon fodder for the Red Faces. However, he compensates for his weaknesses with his impudence, cruelty and recklessness.
Restores health to allies using a shoulder-mounted emitter, and prescribes lead pills to enemies from a machine pistol.
Women of the Red Faces are no burden in battle! Sniping is their business, which no men are allowed to partake in. And don't expect any mercy from the ladies: the red laser dot is the mark of an imminent death.
In the past she was a minion of the Red Faces’ previous leader - the Kingpin. Elite bodyguard skills and modified joints allow her to dodge bullets with acrobatic dexterity.
The Executioner does not like shields and bulky machine guns. Rather, enjoys wearing electrified armor and wielding an energy axe that cleaves through any protection.
Marauders who are smart in addition to being strong prefer not to risk their lives in vain. Hiding behind a thick slab of steel, the Shield Bearer slowly approaches up close to riddle his victim with shotgun pellets.
Even the Red Faces are afraid of them. The crazy Harlequins turned murder into a show, and once they start their performance, they can't stop. Nod off for a moment - and she will already be close by, slicing you to pieces with her blades.
A self-propelled turret of the Red Faces that can shoot with enviable precision. The armored bot is almost invulnerable, its only weak point being the microchip on the hull.
KKND is the pinnacle of their inventive thought. They embodied old peacetime prototypes in this bot. The result is an invincible war machine, fully armored apart from the vulnerable sensor that appears when it overheats.
In the past he used to serve the Kronos corporation. Donning an exoskeleton, he fights using all the explosive arsenal available to him, and manages to assemble self-propelled turrets right during the battle.


After Kingpin's death, the leaders of the Red Faces put his brain in the body of a Terminator in the hopes of bringing him back to life. The Black Legion's technologies did save Kingpin's life, but, having found himself in the body of a machine and analyzed his defeat at the hands of the Commander, Kingpin reevaluated his views on the events that had transpired and his role in them. He ended up leaving the Red Faces to join the Commander and fight the Dominion with him. He eventually made a deal with the Dominion, agreeing to become Hegemon-05 and lead its army in exchange for sparing the Commander's life.

After he left the Red Faces, a power struggle broke out that was won by one of the most cruel and bloodthirsty bandits, a man known as the Nutcracker. He got this nickname after losing his lower jaw in battle, which was replaced with a disproportionately massive and clumsily made iron prosthesis. He is one of the main enemies in the game. He is particularly dangerous due to his skill at using Psi Power and his use of a Black Legion serum that allows him to regenerate in battle.

The Red Faces are one of the weakest factions on Utopia. Their primary weakness lies in their primitive technologies, which are maintained only by a handful of Adam Cruise's engineers who survived the cataclysm.

Historically speaking, the Red Faces appeared immediately after the cataclysm. The group was founded by a handful of thugs who joined forces to terrorize and prey upon the survivors of the cataclysm. In order to instill fear in their victims, the bandits painted their faces with blood, which is why they began to be called the Red Faces. After the gang ran into Vincent Gold, its original leaders were eliminated by the magnate's bodyguards. Vincent took charge of the group and become Kingpin, and his bodyguards become an elite subdivision known as the Vipers. The gang then started to amass power and influence. It was even joined by some of Cruise's former engineers with whom he built the Mechanarium and Citadel. This was also when they lost their barbarous habits, including painting their faces with blood. However, in order to avoid losing their most distinguishing feature, the Red Faces began to wear red masks or headbands.