The The Dominion is an out-of-control, next-generation artificial intelligence. Its goal is to destroy the humankind. It put all its resources into building battle machines, and its army is growing with each passing day.


Giant robotic Dominators, synth soldiers, technology that mimics the shapes of Xi creatures... For the Dominion, all the achievements of science serve the cause of destruction!


The Dominion is well protected – weak points are hard to find in a Dominator’s armored shell.
A fallen Black Legion soldier transformed into a soulless weapon by the Dominion. When C-800 is on the brink of death, he launches into a suicidal attack and blows up next to the enemy.
A sniper with regenerative emulsion pumping through her veins. Even if she can't heal her wounds fast enough, C-400 never stops firing at her enemies.
A fully armored dominator whose movement pattern was copied by the Dominion from Xi's most dangerous minions. Explodes when heavily damaged, dealing energy damage to anyone nearby.
A basic Dominion soldier created from human remains and mechanical parts. Armed with an energy rifle. Starts tossing grenades at the enemy if damaged heavily.
A synthesis of necrotic flesh and the most advanced Dominion technologies. Fires energy blasts from a distance, and launches a ferocious melee attack if damaged heavily.
A Dominator resembling the Xi Bombers. The best way to stop it is to hit one of its reservoirs of explosives at the right moment.
Very fast and fully armored dominator. Capable of boosting the combat capability of synths by emitting a signal on a special frequency. As the Hound emits the signal, its mouth opens and becomes its weak point.
An armored Dominator that acts like a missile, wiping out enemies at incredible speed.
An armored synth based on Dominator chassis. Equipped with powerful weapons, including rockets and energy weapons. Has telekinetic abilities.


The Dominion was created by Adam Cruise, the great inventor and founder of the Kronos corporation. The artificial super-brain was designed to govern Green City, a unique metropolis of the future. But the Red Plague pandemic ravaged Earth, and hundreds of refugee ships flew to Utopia. The resort planet became one giant refugee camp. Hungry masses soon stormed Green City hoping to find extra food stores there. But the walls of the city were hiding something else. Cruise was secretly developing super weapons to conquer Earth.

Cruise could not allow his secret to be revealed, so he ordered the Dominion to destroy the invaders. But the command was not quite formulated correctly. The Dominion interpreted it as a directive to exterminate all humans. It disengaged the reactor’s cooling system and Green City went sky high. The blast wave circled the planet, creating monstrous tsunamis. Settlements were reduced to ruins, gardens and jungles - to deserts.

But there were some survivors, and the Dominion must complete its mission to fulfill its primary function. It restored production and began creating robots to hunt people down. The steel predators would have quickly finished the slaughter if the Black Legion had not stood in their way...

The Dominion needed more powerful technology to defeat the Legion, so it began upgrading its army. Now its ranks are fortified with huge, armored Dominators and self-regenerating synth soldiers assembled from human carcasses. And no one knows what other monsters the restless artificial mind will invent...