A horde of monstrous creatures and mutated humans controlled by a mysterious entity. They worship the One, do not fear death, and can violate the laws of nature. Anyone
who does not share their beliefs must die!


The Xi overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers, throwing hordes of fighters and obedient creatures against their foes.


The Xi army has the largest monsters on this planet.


The Xi force their enemies into close combat and even sacrifice their own lives, blowing themselves up along with their foes.
The Xi creatures have flooded not only the surface of Utopia, but they are gnawing at it from the inside. The Crawler is the weakest of the giant worms. It burrows into the top layer of sand and waits for its prey.
Spiders were the first Xi creatures to appear, and now they can be found everywhere. Since they don't have powerful jaws or a strong carapace, they spit caustic mucus at their targets from afar.
Soldier Spiders are much more powerful than regular Spiders. They are large in size and throw themselves into melee right away to tear the enemy apart with their chitinous jaws.
A walking factory that produces multi-limbed creatures. The Spider Queen fiercely fights for herself and her offspring and, even as she dies, manages to spawn a brood of bloodthirsty baby spiders.
A servant of Xi, formerly a peaceful resident of Utopia. After joining the cult, he underwent a monstrous metamorphosis and now is eager to murder infidels with his psi powers.
A living bomb with a couple of legs. The Bomber's belly is filled with explosive goo of such potency that swarms of such creatures blow up tanks and turn structures into rubble.
The leader of Bombers, horror of Utopia and the main weapon of Xi’s ground forces. The Queen mercilessly exterminates all living things with her Psi powers, and sometimes even fellow Xi creatures fall prey to her murderous frenzy.
The highest stage of transformation of a Xi follower, the one chosen by his god. He almost lost any traces of humanity, but in return received the ability to come back from the dead, making his enemies tremble with fear.
Thick corneous plates make this creature invincible against firearms and incendiary weapons.
An underground worm that differs from ordinary crawlers not only in terms of its color and size, but also because of its special ability. It damages the victim at a distance and slowly drains their health during the entire battle.
A new evolutionary cycle of bombers, whose blood no longer hurts their kin, but is just as deadly for anyone else. Their opponents must watch out for acid pools that are left behind after these creatures die.
The priestesses ensure Xi’s will is carried out and tirelessly train their mental fortitude, accumulating the psi power. When the hour comes, they commit suicide and release their power as a murderous storm.
A breed of creatures that evolved from ordinary Soldier Spiders. They have developed greater speed, strength and the ability to strike in a leaping attack.


When the disaster rocked Utopia, it led to countless victims and the death of all plant life. But the desert was soon filled with new forms of life such as gigantic spiders, enormous carnivorous worms, and bombers with bellies full of explosive liquid. They were all spawned and controlled by a single entity, the mighty Xi, which hides deep within the planet.

Among the hordes of this army of hostile creatures are people who have almost lost their human appearance. They worship Xi as a god. According to their faith, the disaster freed Xi from the shackles of its lengthy imprisonment. Xi will soon regain its power and transform the universe. The old world will be destroyed, and there will be a Great Convergence of all things in the new world. The Great Convergence can be made to come as soon as possible by exterminating all of Xi's enemies, which is what his faithful followers are doing.

In battle, they attack their enemies wave after wave with no care for their own lives. Some of them sacrifice themselves and blow themselves up, hoping to take as many foes as possible with them to the afterlife. Others perform ritual suicide on the battlefield in order to lend power to their brethren. Still others die and resurrect by the will of their lord. In the war with Xi we will have to forget the familiar laws of nature. Be prepared—we face a mysterious force that can alter reality itself...