Evolving Futuris Update

2020-04-03 13:33:00 o.trunova

Communication with the Futuris superintelligence, new meta projects and mechanics for getting bonuses in battles — welcome to the Evolving Futuris patch.

Now you can start researching two more meta projects. Crystalisis allows you to increase your Reactor’s crystallite output. Temporal Fluctuation gives you a chance to save consumables spent in battle if you are defeated.

New mechanics for getting bonuses in battles have been introduced. Virtuoso gives an extra reward for eliminating a running enemy with a headshot. Arachnophobe provides a bonus if you killed a Soldier Spider or Berserker Spider at range without letting them get close.

In Co-Op battles, lucky enemies are marked with a special green light. Finishing them off gives you an extra reward in resources.

The battle for Utopia continues! Good luck!